Author – Petros Laskis
Long time music enthusiast since my early teens I started writing audio gear impressions in
various audio forums like www.head-fi.org (with the nickname “Ichos”) and www.avclub.gr.
Eventually I became a contributor and then senior writer for www.hxosplus.gr which is the
best technology magazine in Greece, a member of EISA and an annual high-end show host.
Despite more than ten years experience in audio reviewing I still consider myself as a
“dilettante” and not a professional reviewer.
I am not a “golden ear” nor some kind of audio judge, reviewing is mostly about highlighting
the advantages and drawing attention to potential disadvantages of the reviewed products
so people may know and then make their own decisions according to the personal sound
I am mostly a classical music listener but I use a variety of audio tracks during the gear
This site is not sponsored and I don’t get monetary or any other kind of compensation from
the manufacturers.
Certain products are provided free of charge for the purpose of the review and I never use
affiliate links.
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