iBasso IT01X Review

iBasso IT01X Review

10 September 2021 0 By Petros Laskis

“In Tune” for some serious fun!

Pros: – Fun and highly enjoyable tuning
– Smooth and forgiving
– Bassy
– Good technicalities
– Very comfortable
– Nice looking
– Small size
– Good quality cable
– Great assortment of ear tips that allow for fine tuning
– Carrying case
– Price

Cons: – Nothing as long you are after such tuning
– Some kind of ear tips holder / sorting could be useful

The IT01X was kindly provided free of charge by iBasso.
They have never asked for a favorable review and this is my honest and subjective evaluation of it.
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The IT01X is a new budget friendly, single dynamic driver earphone by iBasso, positioned between the IT00 and the IT01S.
The price in EU is about €120 and you can buy it from here


Technical specifications

Unlike many other IEMs with an iron internal cavity, the IT01X
uses brass for the inner dynamic driver cavity.
The higher density of brass can effectively reduce resonance and
reduce distortion.
This special internal cavity provides a
deep and powerful low frequency along with an engaging
mid frequency.
The unique brass dual Helmholtz resonators provide a deep
and powerful bass that cancel standing waves and ensures
full natural sound.


Each side of the driver is plated with beryllium which has a density of only 1/2 of that of titanium.
The lighter weight diaphragm allows. the IT01X to be driven with ease.
The double-sided beryllium-plated
diaphragm has outstanding rigidity, quick response with extremely low distortion, smaller internal resistance,
wider high frequency bandwidth, and better overall treble extension.
The IT01X utilizes a 3D (three-dimensional) suspension.
It can effectively inhibit the divided vibration of the driver, reduce the distortion, and further improve the sound purity.
The IT01X is rated at 16Ω with a sensitivity of 108dB making it very easy to drive directly from phones and low powered USB dongles.

Appearance and fit

The IT01X is anatomically shaped and the shell is finished with a metallic paint that adds hardness and a nice luxury appearance.
They have a modern twist with the “InTune” logo printed on them and the two tone color scheme.
They are available in black, red and blue.
The tiny shell is very compact and lightweight (7gr each without the cable) so they disappear inside the ear and feel super comfortable.
The fit is tight and secure, offering a stress free user experience and good passive noise attenuation.



The IT01X features an MMCX detachable cable made from high purity copper.
The cable is a four braided structure ending in a quality 3.5mm plug and it certainly feels premium with good handling, low microphonic noise and securely fitting MMCX connectors.



The accessory pack is very inclusive and there are four different types of silicon tips with three sizes each, two pairs of memory foam ear tips, a replacement nozzle filter and a rounded high quality aluminium/plastic case to house everything inside.



Sound impressions

The IT01X is efficient and gets pretty loud with dongles like the ddHiFi TC35B Pro that we have used along with our reference THX Onyx

This is a fun and relaxed sounding iem with the bass tastefully boosted not only in the lower region but also in the mid – bass giving the IT01X a warm and bassy sound signature.
It doesn’t reach extreme bass – head levels but it can easily satisfy with all kinds of modern pop and electronic music without any noticeable roll off and with excellent body weight.
This doesn’t mean that the earphone isn’t suitable for classical and acoustic music, just don’t expect it to sound neutral and reference balanced.
The good part is that the bass, although accentuated, is quite controlled and tight, layered and clean enough while it doesn’t cloud too much the mid region, letting all instruments be heard without severe masking
Dynamics are good but it is not the most hard hitting or fastest bass presentation with the attacks being on the softer side but it never gets too slow to become sluggish.
Thus said we must note that the various tips work wonders in fine tuning the bass response.
It is possible to achieve a slightly more neutral tuning with less mid bass boost and even make it feel a little more speedy.
Not huge changes but it is certainly worthwhile to experiment and especially if you cycle between various music genres.


Midrange feels neutral, almost following the target curve without any significant boost up to the treble.
So everything sounds balanced, natural and engaging with the right timbre, vocalists sitting just in front of the orchestra and instrumentalists blending together in a musical and highly involving presentation.
There is a great level of clarity and notes are distinctly heard, well defined and present while retaining ample body weight.

Treble is smooth and controlled but it surely doesn’t lack in energy and clarity allowing for some good detail retrieval and giving sound the necessary vividness and bite.
Articulation is quite fine although a kind of metallic timbre is spotted here and there but nothing too much to spoil an otherwise excellent performance.
This is not the most extended treble but on the other side it doesn’t cause listener fatigue and is very forgiving with poorly mastered or treble heavy music.


Timbre and decay are natural without being rushed at all so the notes fade away in the most effortless manner.
With the IT01X all frequencies sound cohesive and well integrated retaining the same texture and weight from top to bottom.
Soundstage is quite open and spacious, not congested and with satisfying instrument separation but the listener shouldn’t expect miracles regarding the overall depth and holography.

At the end

The IT01X is purposely tuned for fun and enjoyment with a spicy sound signature that is not lacking in technicalities and although it isn’t exactly an all rounder it isn’t afraid to reach audiophile territory if called for.
Small sized and very comfortable with a modern twist it radiates with high vibes putting a smile on the listeners face and it is highly recommended for the intended use.

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