Tronsmart Force 2 Review

Tronsmart Force 2 Review

26 February 2021 0 By Petros Laskis

Small but powerful

Pros: – Balanced clear sound
– Powerful given the size
– Elegant design
– Great build quality
– Battery duration
– Rugged and IPX7
– Very stable bluetooth connection

Cons: – Bass on the lean side
– Some extra low end should be welcomed
– Only SBC

Tronsmart asked for Headfi members willing to review the brand new bluetooth speaker Force 2 and I was among the qualifying ones.
The sample was kindly provided free of charge and this is my honest and subjective evaluation of it.


Tronsmart is a tech brand that designs and manufactures world-class tech accessories.
The core value of Tronsmart is to make your life easier by providing you with high-tech, high-quality and high-performance products.

The founder of Tronsmart, Eric Cheng, being located in Shenzhen – Asia’s Silicon Valley of hardware has assembled a team of world-renowned R&D professionals in order to continually create the latest and greatest products.

Tronsmart truly believes that “if you offer the customer quality products at an affordable price, nothing can stop you from expansion”.

This is not the first product of Tronsmart that we reviewed as we were lucky enough to review the Apollo Bold TWS with ANC.


Technical and physical specifications

The Force 2 is a portable bluetooth speaker designed mainly for outdoor use thanks to the IPX7 waterproof rating.

Equipped with a bluetooth 5.0 Qualcomm QCC3021 chip together with SoundPulse® and an RMS output of 30W it delivers a terrific sound.
There is only the SBC codec supported.
Also, it can sync sound across 100+ speakers thanks to the broadcast mode.
The two well-designed passive radiators deliver heart-pumping sound with strong bass.

A large 2500mAh battery is compatible with fast USB type C charging and can provide up to 15 hours of use in less than 4 hours of charge time.

There is a microphone to support calls and the one tap voice assistants “Hey Siri” , “Ok Google” and
“Hi Cortana”.

An extra AUX input is included so we can use the speaker when bluetooth is not available.

The speaker is a compact barrel type shape with an extra grip edge where the controls are located.
It can be used and placed vertically or horizontally.


There are four buttons available to control the speaker.
Power ON/OFF that is also used to enable the voice assistant with two short taps.
The two volume up/next track , volume down/previous track buttons and the bluetooth – play/pause one.

Next to the buttons we can find the waterproof compartment that houses the USB type C and AUX inputs.

Design and build quality

The Force 2 is beautifully designed with a minimal and very appealing black matte modern appearance.
Build quality is truly excellent and the speaker feels sturdy and tough.
A little care should be taken with the passive radiators that seem to be fragile and prone to tear.
An extra protective mesh could be useful in case of an accident.

The speaker comes with USB and AUX cables plus a useful lanyard that attaches to the upper part.
A manual is included.
The dimensions are 163x72x64mm and the weight is 627gr.

The price is €59.99 and in Europe you can get it from without extra custom fees.



Switching the speaker on it will automatically enter bluetooth seek mode and pairing is fast and easy.
The remaining battery is displayed and we can control the volume from the phone.

Max phone volume is not the max speaker volume and we can increase it more with the volume up button.
The best way is to set phone and speaker volume to the max and then decrease it from the phone till the desired level is reached.

Bluetooth working distance is good and it can be used up to 10m , even indoors but without very thick walls between the rooms.
Connection is stable and we didn’t experience any drop outs or any kind of interference.
Battery life is close to the one being advertised and we managed to squeeze out about ten hours of heavy use.



The Force 2 is surprisingly powerful for its size and can get loud enough to sufficiently fill a small room as long as we don’t max the volume or it will start clipping.

Overall presentation is well balanced with an even and natural tonality far from being overly V shaped as is the case with most portable bluetooth speakers.

The low end aided here by some clever dsp boosting is present and sufficient but it is not very extended as it is more of a low mid bass with harmonics rather than real bass.
Not surprisingly though considering the size of the woofers and strict laws of physics that wouldn’t allow for anything more.

Quality is good as it sounds well controlled with proper timing and a tight presentation without masking the rest of the frequencies.
An acceptable performance for such a small speaker but bass heads should seek satisfaction elsewhere.

Mids are present and clear enough in order not to be buried in the depths of the mix.
Voices and mid centric instruments get their fair share of the whole and feel well projected.

Higher frequencies are crisp and clean very slightly lifted in order to stand and balance things out with a touch of extra energy and light.

Sound is on the lean side and everything is under control and fine until we start listening to more complex material and the speaker struggles to keep up and highlight the extra information.

This may sound bad but actually it isn’t because we are not talking here a speaker designed for critical listening.

The Force 2 is a little portable companion designed mainly for outdoor use while having some fun at the park or listening to music during outdoor activities.
We also got some great results watching Netflix and gaming from our tablet or during a web meeting without any lag.
So for the intended use the sound performance is very satisfying with an even and well balanced performance supported by enough power to make it loud without distortion.


Compared to Tronsmart Mega Pro

Users who seek for extra and real bass response with added power for larger spaces should consider the Tronsmart Mega Pro.
It is not only about bass and power as the Mega Pro is a more refined listen with greater extension , higher levels of clarity and resolution and a better – real speaker – overall performance.
More suitable for indoor use as it is heavier it is still very sturdy and well built with IPX4 protection.
It is a great bluetooth speaker that should be considered as a bargain for the asking price with the only let down being the absence of the aptX codec.
It is a very good speaker and the plain SBC/AAC is holding it back.
We suggest that the next step for Tronsmart should be a speaker with the same balanced sound and AptX support.


At the end

The Force 2 is a well built , compact and rugged waterproof portable bluetooth speaker that sounds surprisingly well balanced and powerful for the given size worthy the price of admission and should be in your short list.

Copyright – Laskis Petros 2021.