SIGMOT EM2 Roltion Review

SIGMOT EM2 Roltion Review

12 October 2022 0 By Petros Laskis

EM2 Roltion – Elegant

Pros: + Fun and entertaining sound signature
+ Good sub-bass extension and bass technicalities
+ Crystal clear and transparent
+ Great all rounder
+ Open and spacious soundstage
+ Good detail depth
+ Easy to drive
+ Very comfortable and lightweight
+ Good build quality and well made cable
+ Two sets of ear-tips and a beautiful looking case

Cons: – Not that refined
– Borderline bright treble
– Treble tonality could be more convincing
– The cable gets easily tangled
– Competition now comes with swappable plug cables

The review sample was kindly provided free of charge in exchange for an honest review.
I didn’t receive monetary or any other kind of compensation and I don’t use affiliate links.
The price of the EM2R is $109.99 and you can buy it from Amazon.


Amazon “Fall Prime Deal” provides a 20% off discount of the original price.


SIMGOT is a China based IEM manufacturer that I was not familiar with until they contacted me and suggested a review.
I don’t have any other experience with their products and I couldn’t find much information about the brand except that SIMGOT means “Simple and elegant”.



The EM2 Roltion is an upgraded version of the previous model EM2.
It is a hybrid dual driver earphone featuring a 3rd generation 10mm Carbon Nanotube, dual cavity, dynamic driver and a Knowles 33518 innovative balanced armature driver with nozzle removal.
The drivers are housed inside an upgraded four-axis high precision copper sound tube.
More information about the innovative nozzle removal of the balanced armature driver and the internal structure of the EM2R are available here.


Design and fit

The EM2R adopts a new mold to display more roundness with better shell curves for improved durability and more anatomical fit.
The ear shells are made from transparent acrylic resin with aluminium faceplates allowing for a clear visibility to the internals while the non removable metallic nozzles have an extra protective mesh.
Build quality is excellent and the earphones look durable and scratch resistant.


The ear shells are very lightweight and the rounded shape together with the mildly extending nozzle allow for a very comfortable and secure fit with good passive noise attenuation.
You can wear them all day long without feeling discomfort and they are beautiful looking and discreet too.



The 4-core, silver-plated cable is detachable with the 2-pin interface featuring the new design with the protection slot that effectively prevents the pins from bending.
The cable is well made with a high quality plug and splitter, it is soft to the touch with low microphonic noise but it gets easily tangled.
The predefined ear-hooks section is longer than the usual and quite stiff so it might take a little longer for bending it and finding the most comfortable fit.



Together with the earphones you get a high quality and beautiful looking hard carrying case and two sets of ear tips nicely arranged in separate trays.
There are three pairs of narrow bore silicone ear tips that enhance the bass by attenuating the treble and three pairs of wide bore that offer better mid-high extension.


Listening impressions

The EM2R has a 32Ω impedance with 109dB of sensitivity so they are pretty easy to drive and you are going to be fine with an entry level USB DAC dongle.
I have used a couple of them, including the FiiO KA1, ddHiFi TC35 Pro and iBasso DC05.
The earphone was burned for about 80 hours.


The overall tuning is slightly V-shaped, quite balanced and very enjoyable with good bass extension, even mids and a sharp, energetic treble which is not too bright.
The EM2R is suitable for most kinds of music, not a specialist in something particular but very good with everything.
You can listen to classical music with acceptable tonal accuracy and then switch to some Rock or to your favorite EDM tracks, whatever you throw at the EM2R it sounds entertaining and satisfying.

Sub-bass extension is very good while the overall tuning is mostly natural with just the slightest upper-bass emphasis that adds warmth without clouding or bleeding into the mids.
There is no detectable masking and various bass instruments easily distinguish one from the other even when playing at different loudness.
Texture is rather full bodied than lean, the bass sounds tight, controlled and well defined with surprisingly impactful dynamics.
An excellent overall performance and maybe the stronger part of the EM2R.

Mid-range tuning consistency is good, not forward nor subdued, the sound is transparent and faithful to the recording with a mostly natural timbre and plenty of harmonic diversity.
There is good inline clarity and although the texture is leaner than the bass there is plenty of weight to the articulation.

The treble is well extended, crisp and sharp, airy and borderline bright but not piercing or fatiguing even when raising the volume.
It adds a welcomed sparkle and luminous agility to the sound but the texture is rather lean and the tonality not so convincing, especially when listening to acoustic music.
While listening to Beethoven’s piano sonatas with Daniel Heide on the instrument, I found the overall performance quite convincing, without any severe tonal shifts but the higher register of the instrument sounded too thin with unnatural resonances and a mildly metallic timbre.


And while the EM2R is quite resolving and satisfyingly detailed the overall refinement is not top class, especially in the treble where some certain roughness and hardness can get detectable.
Regarding the soundstage, the EM2R is an open sounding earphone with accurate positioning and good imaging, never feeling congested.


In the end

Fun and musical sounding, with great bass extension and excellent clarity across the frequency range plus a very comfortable fit and great looks, the EM2R does more things right than wrong and it is definitely well worth your attention.

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