TINHiFi T2 EVO Review

TINHiFi T2 EVO Review

8 December 2021 0 By Petros Laskis

Not so evolutionary…

Pros: + Almost neutral tuning
+ Tight, fast and controlled bass
+ Great clarity and detail retrieval
+ Airy and precise soundstage
+ Small and comfortable
+ Good passive noise attenuation
+ Build like a tank
+ Good quality detachable cable

Cons: – Bright, shouty and thin sounding
– Artificial and inconsistent timbre
– Bass is lean and not very impactful
– Severely lacking in technicalities given the competition

The review sample was kindly provided by Linsoul free of charge and I only paid import fees and tax.
The price is about $59.99 and you get it directly from Linsoul.
(I don’t get commission by clicking on the link)


TinHiFi is the brand name of a big OEM/ODM manufacturer from China which was launched in 2017 to bring HiFi sound and quality in a more accessible price point.
The T and P series of iems from TinHiFi are well known among the community but I have to confess that this is my first experience with a product from the brand.


About TinHiFi T2 EVO

Following previous T2, T2 PRO, T2 PLUS earphones, now the TinHiFi Tank Family is having a new member the T2 EVO, featuring classic tank build with high-quality workmanship.

The TinHiFi T2 EVO is equipped with a single 10mm carbon molecule composite dynamic diaphragm.

The “T” stands for “TANK” and the EVO is made of aviation-grade aluminum and a Tank style body.
The real aluminum color is classic and neat while the metal housing won’t cause any allergic reactions on your ears as they are completely hypoallergenic.
The canal design can shut out noise perfectly and you are able to enjoy deep and rich sound.


Cable and accessories

The TinHiFi T2 EVO is designed with the popular MMCX detachable connectors and it is made from 5N 8-core silver-plated wire.
The cable is pretty good, with a high quality 3.5mm plug, it has a soft feeling, it doesn’t get easily tangled and it is absent from microphonic noise.

The earphone comes with a small handmade leather pouch, three different sizes of silicone ear tips / two pairs of each and a single pair of memory foam ear tips.


Wearing comfort and isolation

The T2 EVO is very small and lightweight, the classic old style iem that is worn with the cable over the ear for increased stability.
The iem literally vanishes into the ear and I was able to get a super comfortable fit that didn’t cause any stress even after a prolonged time of use.
The shells fit snugly into the ear and the cable helps a lot with stability, as such they are suitable for use during exercise but keep in mind that they don’t have an IPX rating.
The iem is totally closed with only one very small hole for pressure relief and combined with the excellent fit, it offers great passive noise attenuation so it is good for noisy environments.


Listening impressions

As per usual practice I have left the T2 EVO playing music for about 100 hours before critical listening.
The T2 EVO is rated at 32Ω with a sensitivity of 93±3dB@1kHZ 0.126V, as such it is not a difficult load and can be used from your phone’s 3.5mm output.
Nonetheless I suggest using at least an entry level USB DAC/amp like I did with the iBasso DC05 and Periodic Audio Rhodium.


The T2 EVO has a balanced and neutral sound signature up to the mids followed by an emphasis starting from the upper – mid range, reaching up to brilliance which results in a bright, airy listening experience with a lot of detail retrieval but the sound is lean, lacking in body and presence.
There is a great sense of clarity while the treble is surprisingly extended for a budget iem giving plenty of energy and agility to the sound.
Cymbals and other percussion instruments sound alive and clearly heard in the background with a good decaying speed.
Articulation is not the finest, instruments are lacking in naturalness and are heard with a metallic timbre, sounding somewhat coarse and artificial.
The lower – treble / upper mids are unequally forward and become shouty, causing some kind of piercing annoyance.
Mids and lower mids are calmed down, certainly better in timbre quality with a smoother articulation, finer expression, fuller body and rounder texture so vocalists sound well defined and more present.
Bass is absolutely neutral, almost linear without rolling off too much in the lowest octave, so it is not severely lacking in sub – bass quantity.
The presentation is lean and not as full bodied but in exchange it is fast, clean, tight, controlled and well defined with modest dynamics and impact.
The iem can keep up with complicated and bass heavy material without losing it’s pace, able to present the various low register instruments with good layering and clarity, absent of any mid – bass bleed that could lead into potential masking.
The soundstage is quite expanded and it feels airy with excellent separation and positioning accuracy, I guess that this is the strongest point of the T2 EVO.


At the end

The TinHiFi T2 EVO is a neutral – bright iem with great clarity and detail retrieval for the category, linear bass response and an airy, accurate soundstage.
It is well built and lightweight with a comfortable fit, disappearing into the ear, making it suitable for extended use and exercise.
Unfortunately technical performance is nothing so special to write about, timbre is mostly artificial and there is that uneven upper-mids, lower-tremble emphasis that may end up being too annoying for some users.
If you are not sensitive in this particular area and you need a small, and comfortable iem for everyday use under noisy environments then you could give it a chance.

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